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Waggit Smart Health and GPS Tracker

Waggit is a smart collar and mobile app that collects enormous amounts of data about your dog's health. Waggit learns your pup’s baselines and then notifies you to changes in vitals, positions, sleeping habits, activity patterns, and even more to help you discover pain or potential illness in time to help and make a difference.

And of course, Waggit also tracks location so you can ensure your dog stays safe.

The right information at the right time has the power to change everything!


  • Monitors Vitals: heart rate, respiration rate, and body temperature vs your pup’s own baselines
  • Tracks changes in sleeping patterns, light & deep sleep and sleep score
  • Tracks changes in body positions
  • Notification Center for important changes vs their baselines
  • Downloadable vet report
  • 4G LTE GPS location tracking and out of boundary alerts
  • Set and track goals- Activity (time, intensity, speed, and distance) & Nutrition
  • Dog diary to organize photos, recovery, training, adventures, and more

Each package includes: Waggit health monitoring device, collar attachments, charging dock with cable and quick-start guide. Subscription plan sold separately.

Subscription Plans:

Each Waggit is powered by a subscription that covers the cellular plan, all daily, weekly, and monthly monitoring, notifications, and GPS-LTE tracking.

  • 2-Year Plan ($6.95/month)
  • Annual Plan ($7.95/month)
  • Monthly Plan ($9.95/month)

Simply download our free iOS or Android mobile app, set up your dog’s profile, attach the Waggit to any standard 1” or 1.5 collar.

30 day money back guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

2 year warranty

2 year Warranty

Free Shipping

Free Shipping

Best in Class Service

Best in Class Service

Designed for any stage of life.

From young dogs to seniors, Waggit collects vital information to help you provide the most proactive care - it isn't just data for data's sake. Waggit creates a baseline for your dog so you and your vet can readily detect and address changes in health and behavior. Manage your dog's health by setting goals tailored specifically to you and your dog.

Know more. Act sooner.

Waggit uses non-invasive sensors to collect data that the average activity or location tracker can't. With Waggit, you and your vet are enabled to detect and address various health conditions such as chronic or acute pain, heart disease and anxiety for preventative care at any age.

“Easiest setup ever!!!”

Sharon Heaps

“With Waggit we were able to avoid the ER – much less stressful!”

Carey Shepard

“Thanks to Waggit I finally know which dog got into the trash!”

Audrey Carminati

“Kieran was sick. Since his temp was stable, our Vet told us not to worry."

Kalah Mueller

“I love my Waggit. Not only does it help me monitor my vizsla’s health, sleep, and activity, it also lets me know I can find him if he runs off.”

Kristen Matlow