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Waggit Reviews

What people are saying about Waggit


“I absolutely love my Waggit. We lost our previous dog to Cancer at 6yrs old, so I have gone a bit overboard watching Whiskey’s every move to see if he is ok.  The Waggit is a great tool to alert me to changes so I can relax.” —Mark Friedman


“I wish I would have had something like this to help track progress of all my service dogs when I worked with the Sheriff’s K9 Training department” – Michael Chapman


“For many conditions, early intervention can mean the difference between living and dying. I don’t think that is an overstatement.  Waggit is providing early signs that something could be wrong which can save many dogs’ lives." —Dr Brian Michelon


“Super cool to see how fast and far Maggie goes on our Mountain Bike rides.  Even better that I am alerted to changes in her vitals, body positions, and sleep so I know she is feeling well.” —Dan H


“Waggit provides a wealth of information about my dog Theo. It builds a well rounded picture of his heart rate, respiratory rate, and temperature so that anything out of the norm will be highlighted quickly." — Darin Kittridge


"The Waggit allows me to monitor the physical health of my dogs at a whole new level. It enabled me to address issues in my dog's health at a preventative stage which saved me money on vet bills in the long run." Ingrid Rightkoff


"Waggit can be used to monitor trends in the daily behavior and vital signs of dogs, and to detect tiny changes over time. These changes can indicate early signs of disease and changes in well-being while we can still help." —Dr Elizabeth Right


“I love my Waggit.  Not only does it help me monitor my vizsla’s health, sleep, and activity, It also lets me know I can find him if he runs off.” —Kristen Matlow


"Two weeks ago I needed to move from a house to an apartment and I was very concerned that Rusty might not find the transition easy and be super stressed.  I have been relieved to see that he hasn’t had any changes in his sleep patterns when I’m gone. This is very useful information!" —John Trolly


"I find this super helpful to see if she’s had enough exercise, or is due for more. I can see if she just slept all day or if she played or was taken for a walk while I was at work. It is helping me and my family change OUR habits to help her."  —Kim Bodwin


“I’m actually using the Waggit to help find a comfort zone of exercise without making her suffer during the night. She has pleural effusion and arthritis. Too much exercise and she coughs too much for the rest of the day and her respiration rate and sleep patterns show me it was too much.” —Stef Pilgram


“I just wanted to say THANK YOU and let you know thanks to Waggit, Flynn has lost 4lbs!  I love tracking his calories and activity goals. His vet was so impressed he’s going to recommend Waggit to all his clients!” —David Welsh


“Very helpful in rehabilitation of a dog with two reconstructed knees. It shows me when he is in pain and needs help. I can at the same time send his stats to his vet, who can recommend changes as needed in his care.” —Ryan Holworth


“His heart rate had been elevated, so I knew something was going on.” – Heather Scott


"Charlie ate a significant amount of chocolate and after treatment, the vets wanted to keep her overnight. I was able to save $1,000 by showing them I could monitor her vitals myself!" – Lindsey Norden


“With a dramatic change in his sleep score, I checked Oliver everywhere and his poor paw was burned from the salt people use around here to de-ice.”  Jamie Saliman


“Loki loves his collar – he literally can’t stop wagging his tail!”  Connie Klein


“I can’t wait to show Dawson’s vet report to our cardiologist next month for his follow up!”  Melissa King


“Easiest setup ever!!!”  Sharon Heaps


"With Waggit we were able to avoid the ER – much less stressful!” – Carey Shepard


“Thanks to Waggit I finally know which dog got into the trash!” – Audrey Peterson


“Kieran was sick. Since his temp was stable, our Vet told us not to worry” – Kalah Mueller