It’s Personal!

Waggit was born out of the desire of the founders to be able to give dogs their best possible lives, as a thank you to the ones who have literally saved their lives (and those who have carried them through life’s ups and downs).

While the motivation behind Waggit is personal, the belief that “life is better with dogs” and the desire to want to give our pups their best life possible because of that, is something that rings true to millions of dog lovers across the globe.

We’ve been surrounded by fellow dog lovers our entire lives…witnessing (and experiencing first hand) the struggles of raising and training a new pup, figuring out what and how much to feed them, feeling guilty for not exercising them as often as we should, wondering if certain behaviors are normal for certain breeds (or something to get checked out), being concerned about their safety, and the most difficult of all…watching them grow old (way too soon), and seeing our furry babies (who were once completely alive and unstoppable) be consumed by the horrible pain of arthritis or hip dysplasia or cancer or other chronic diseases.  

For those who have been there, you know how helpless it can feel, not being able to do anything for these guys who have brought so much joy to our lives, or not knowing what to do because our pups can’t tell us how they’re feeling, or how bad their pain actually is.

But what if they could?

In Loving Memory of…

Bear Dolan
Smile Igniter. Heart Melter. Brave Companion.
(February 17, 2007 – April 7, 2015)

Mulligan Sierota
Beloved dog. Best friend. Lover of life.
(May 17, 2000 – Feb 28, 2012)

What if there was a way to give our beloved pups a voice, to actually know what was going on with them at any given time (without feeling the need to run to the vet if anything seemed “off”) . What if there was a way to diagnose chronic conditions early, helping elongate or even save a dog’s life.  And what if there was a way to proactively monitor ALL aspects of a dog’s health and well being, with ONE SIMPLE TOOL – and be able to deepen that human/dog bond in the process!

Knowing what we know about technology, we knew if we could imagine it, and if we wanted it badly enough, anything was possible.

And so Waggit was born…a true life-changing smart wearable for dogs that goes far beyond just activity or location tracking, and provides key indicators to potential health issues early, improving and possibly extending the life of your dog!  


Here at Waggit, we believe…

  • Life truly is better because of dogs!
  • No one knows your dog like you do.
  • The right information at the right time has the power to change everything.
  • and that life truly is better because of dogs!

Meet the Pack

Our Core Team

Susan Sierota & Dylan


Carrie Dolan Moose & Teddy


Rachel Wiatrowski & Poppy
Product Manager


Tim Wolf & Scoutie


Gary McCullough & Tobey


Wendy Diamond & Happy


Todd Vanderstelt & Bandit