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General Product

What is Waggit and how does it work?

Waggit is the only health & well-being monitor that provides key indicators to help detect health conditions early, improving and possibly extending the life of our dogs. The true insights come from the combination of vitals, body positions, sleeping patterns, activity, location and nutrition (vs. a dog’s own baselines). For example, we will send an alert if your dog’s respiration and heart rate are trending up, he is no longer lying on his left side, and he is not sleeping as well as usual. On top of alerts, you will have access to all his trend data so you can have peace of mind knowing he is healthy, manage his pain when he is not…and easily share a report with your vet. From a safety perspective, we have find my dog and virtual fence. We also have activity and nutrition tracking for added health benefits.

Is it safe for my dog?

Waggit is absolutely safe! The Waggit collar primarily uses Bluetooth to communicate with your phone, which emits no radiation. The non-ionizing radiation emitted from any GPS is proven safe. These RF (radio frequency) signals comply with the same rules that the Federal Communications Commission has in place to keep people safe when they are in contact with cell phones, health/activity trackers, and other connected devices. In addition, Waggit transmits a lot less energy than your cell phone since the data package is so small and doesn’t need a constant connection, so Waggit is transmitting less than 1% of the time when on your dog. The enclosure around the antenna is also extremely sturdy in order to make the collar waterproof, so it is the same as our dogs hanging around the television.

How does Waggit differ from other smart collars?

Waggit is the only health & well-being monitor that provides key indicators to help detect health conditions early, improving and possibly extending the life of our dogs…making it truly life changing vs. just a novelty. The true insights come from the combination of vitals, body positions, sleep quality, activity, and nutrition vs. a dog’s own baselines. Waggit d also has Find My Dog and a Virtual Fence.

Is Waggit meant to be a diagnostic tool?

Waggit is not a diagnostic tool. Waggit does provide key indicators of pain or potential health issues and so we provide a way to easily share a report with your Vet. You know your dog best and if you ever think something is wrong, please contact your Vet!

Where is Waggit Made?

Waggit is currently made in the U.S.

What communication protocols are you using?

We’re using advanced GPS, Bluetooth and LTE technologies.

Will Waggit work for smaller dogs or cats?

Right now, Waggit works on neck sizes of 11’ and larger. We will offer versions for smaller dogs and cats in the future. If you’d like to subscribe to our email list, we’ll keep you posted on status as we go.

Will Waggit work outside the U.S?

Our first collars will only be available in the U.S., but we’ll be looking to expand to Canada, Mexico and other International markets shortly after.

Getting Started/Set Up

How do I turn my collar on?

To turn on your Waggit, press and hold the button for 3 seconds until the green LED is on. The green LED will blink 5 times and then turn off, but the collar remains on.

How do I pair the collar with the app?

Turn on BlueTooth and place the collar and app next to each other. You’ll be prompted with a screen to “Start Pairing”. Quickly press the on/off button on your Waggit until you see a solid blue indicator light, then tap “Start Pairing” on app. Once paired, the app will indicate your device has paired successfully. If your collar becomes unpaired for any reason, you can pair it again using the “Pair” button, which is found in Collar Settings in the More section of the app.

Do I ever need to turn my collar off?

No. There's never a need to turn the collar off once it is set up and in use. If you want to turn off the collar, press and hold the button for 3 seconds while the power is on.

What should I do if I don’t know my dog’s age?

A vet should be able to give you a ballpark idea of your dog’s age (so you can enter the year he was most likely born), and you can just use the date you got your pup if you don’t know their exact birthday.

What should I do if I don’t know my dog’s breed?

If mixed breed, you can just indicate “mixed” in the app. Your vet may also be able to indicate what breed type your dog is.

How are baselines set for my dog? Will I need to do that manually?

The first day you get Waggit the app will tell you the baselines need to be set. Waggit will immediately start getting all the data for your dog. The software reviews the baselines as your dog ages and automatically adjusts as need be. You also have the ability to reset the baselines if recommended via your vet or other pet healthcare practitioner.

How do I know what goals I should be setting for my dog?

Use the Waggit for a week and see what is “normal” for your dog. You can then increase/decrease as desired. As we grow, we’ll share suggestions/comparisons by breed, age, gender etc. You can also speak with a vet about what’s ideal for your pup.

Can Waggit be set up with multiple users if all family members wanted to monitor their dog’s info?

Absolutely! Each person will just need to download the Waggit app to their smartphone, and share a designated login and password with as many family members as you’d like. While only one parent can pair the collar to the app right now for Bluetooth, every person will be able to see the updated data. We are working on allowing multiple people to pair to the same Waggit and will have that up and running very soon.

Pricing & Provider Info

Is there a subscription or service fee required in order to use Waggit?

Yes. There’s a $9.95 per month fee for cellular service that Waggit provides via Verizon 4G LTE, which can be reduced to $7.95 per month if paid annually, or $6.95 per month if paid biennially.

Do you have to sign up for the monthly cell service fee?

Yes. Waggit needs the service in order to work properly.

What cellular company are you using?

We use the Verizon 4G LTE network for Waggit. Waggit will communicate with any smartphone we support, regardless of the cellular provider on the phone.

Are there any discounts for ordering multiple Waggit collars (e.g. a multi-dog discount)?

Yes. Please see our pricing page for all purchase options.

Battery & Charging

How long is the battery life?

Currently Waggit has an up to 7-day battery life. It will drain much more quickly if you’re constantly using Find My Dog or Virtual Fence, which uses GPS and will drain the battery in a similar way to your phone.

How long does it take to charge?

Waggit takes about 2 hours to fully charge.

How will I know when the collar needs charging?

If the collar’s battery level is lower than 10%, the LED starts blinking red, and you’ll get a low battery notification on the app. To charge your Waggit collar, clip on the provided charging dock and cable, and plug into any standard USB port.. When the collar is charging, the yellow LED is continuously on. Once the collar is fully charged, the LED is continuously green.

Should the collar be turned on or off while charging?

It doesn’t matter if it is on or off, as it will automatically charge when the charging dock is connected.

GPS & Tracking

How far will the GPS track?

The GPS will track anywhere in the country, and has no distance limits, so you could be across the country and still get your dog’s location. The Waggit acts just like your phone’s GPS (with a modem and cellular service), so if there are dead zones in certain spots, there could be a few places where it gets spotty coverage—like your phone.

Does the GPS tracker update in real time if my dog is lost or on the run?

As close as possible (to keep the battery going). It updates every 5 seconds.

What is the delay interval on the GPS tracking system? Seconds? Minutes?

It can take up to 2.5 minutes max the first time you turn on “find my dog” in any given day. Then it hits every 5 seconds.

How does the virtual fence feature work?

The Virtual fence feature will alert you if your dog leaves a certain boundary, based on perimeters you’ve set through the app. This will drain the battery of left on all day.

Mobile App

Is the Waggit app available in both Android and iOS?

Absolutely! You can find the Waggit app in the App Store® and Google Play. The Waggit app works with iPhone 6 and newer and Android 5.0 and higher.

Can I add family and friends to my Waggit account?

Absolutely! Each person will just need to download the Waggit app to their smartphone, and setup a designated login and password that can be used by as many family members as you’d like.

Exchanges & Returns

How do you handle returns?

Within 30 days of purchasing, email Customer Support for return instructions. Dog-induced damage is not eligible for refunds.

Will you be offering a warranty or any type of money back guarantee if the collar breaks or doesn’t fit?

Yes. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee and a 2-year limited warranty for any functionality issues (based on normal usage).

Shipping & Availability

Sizing & Other Specs

How much does the Waggit collar weigh?

Waggit is very lightweight (about 3 oz.) and will attach to any standard 1” collar.

Will Waggit fit on all dogs?

Waggit works on most dogs weighing 20 lbs and larger with neck sizes of approximately 11”-30”. We plan to have an extra small version for smaller dogs and cats in the future.

What ages for puppies can you start using Waggit, and how well does the collar adjust to various sizes?

Puppies can start using Waggit once their neck circumference is greater than 11”, and will continue to work with any standard 1” collar as your pup grows.

Is the collar waterproof/resistant?

Yes! It’s 100% waterproof (and has been tested extensively by our Chief “Water Tester” Dylan, who thinks he’s a dolphin)

How does Waggit attach to a collar?

Waggit comes with two straps that will attach it to any standard 1” collar.

Health & Wellness

Should I call my vet any time I get an alert?

Not necessarily. You may want to keep your eye on any significant changes, and if things aren’t improving or seem to be getting worse, consult your vet at that time. For ease of mind, you can also easily email a PDF of your dog’s data to your vet, to get their perspective on whether it warrants a visit.

Training & Virtual Fence

Transferability & Multi-Dog Usage

Are the collars transferable to other dogs?

Yes! If you’d like to transfer the collar to a new dog, you can simply unpair the collar from your current dog and pair with a new or different dog to establish new baselines. The pair button is found in Collar Settings in the More section of the app. You just can’t toggle between two pups with the same collar.

How can I remove or delete a dog’s profile from the app?

If you click on the “More” section at bottom right side of app, then click “Collar Settings”, you’ll see an option to “Unpair”. This will allow you to unpair collar and data from existing dog, and you can delete their profile as well. Then you’ll be able to set up a new profile and “Pair” existing collar the same way you paired it initially.

Can I use Waggit on more than one pet?

Absolutely! As long as each dog has his own collar (so personal baselines can be established for each), you can pair and view as many dogs (and collars) as you’d like in your Waggit app, and it’s super easy to toggle between each dog.

How do I access my different dogs’ information in the app?

Under “My Dogs” in the app’s lower navigation, you can easily toggle between different dogs set up in your app. You can also tap your dog’s photo on the top right of the app and switch between your dogs.

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