Collar Specifications

Waggit attaches to any 1” or 1.5” standard collar

Lightweight (3 oz)
& Flexible

Battery life
(up to 7 days)

Rugged and Waterproof (IP67)

Single Push Button Interface w/LED Indicators

Accommodates Multiple Sizes (20+ lbs)

Advanced GPS, Bluetooth & LTE Technologies

“Easiest setup ever!!!”

Sharon Heaps

“With Waggit we were able to avoid the ER – much less stressful!”

Carey Shepard

“Thanks to Waggit I finally know which dog got into the trash!”

Audrey Carminati

“Kieran was sick. Since his temp was stable, our Vet told us not to worry."

Kalah Mueller

“I love my Waggit. Not only does it help me monitor my vizsla’s health, sleep, and activity, it also lets me know I can find him if he runs off.”

Kristen Matlow