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Waggit's Resident Veterinarian Discusses the Importance of Early Detection

We love our fur babies and we shower them with love and care in many ways. One of the most important aspects that all pet parents care about is health and wellness. We want our furry companions to live happy and healthy lives and be around for as long as possible. Most pet parents can’t bear knowing that their fur babies are in pain or are suffering in any way.

What a lot of pet parents don’t know is that much of the pain and suffering can be better managed or even avoided altogether if the illnesses that are the root causes of them can be detected and diagnosed early enough.

Waggit’s Resident Veterinarian, Dr. Jimmy Davis, is an advocate of early detection and diagnosis for helping his vet patients live healthier and happier lives. Dr. Jimmy joined the Arlington Heights Animal Hospital in Fort Worth, TX almost 10 years ago. His father started the practice 30+ years ago in June of 1980 and has recently retired. Dr. Jimmy is now running the show and loves what he does.

Arlington Heights Animal Hospital

Boarding and Playcare Facility

Dr. Jimmy strives to offer the very best in long-term vet care for his clients by staying up-to-date and on the cutting edge of veterinary medicine. That is why he attends all the key conferences, and partly why he’s so excited about Waggit and its wellness monitoring capability and early detection potential. Dr. Jimmy has a strong appreciation for technology and innovation to help move the industry forward and be able to make an impact for all pets.

He is also a father of 3 human kiddos who are all involved in just about every sport possible, along with 4 fur babies - Tex (a 14-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer), Chloe (an adorable Chihuahua) , and Hank and Cash (two energetic but sweet white lab pups).

Hank and Cash with their Waggit Collars

Dr. Jimmy has a big passionate heart for all animals, his family, Mexican food and baseball. Not only is he an amazing husband, father, and son, he is also well-loved by his clients and staff members at the animal hospital. Check out this courageous dance performance by Dr. Jimmy - he made good on a bet that he lost to his staff and clients. Who wouldn’t love working in a professional yet fun and family-like environment and with a boss who can let loose from time-to-time!

Dr. Jimmy, Dr. Billy, and Staff

On a professional level, Dr. Jimmy believes that the best thing for a potential cure is early diagnosis. He became interested in and eventually involved with Waggit because he was intrigued by the product concept that can potentially empower veterinarians and pet owners to better understand their pets’ wellness quite possibly before they ever step foot inside the clinic. He believes that Waggit has the ability to serve the veterinary profession and pet owners tremendously by allowing vets to potentially catch disease or sickness earlier.

Play time at the Arlington Heights Animal Hospital

Through monitoring standard physiologic parameters, veterinarians can potentially have access to all sorts of data that could be early warning signs of certain illnesses before the animal even begins to show symptoms. For instance, osteoarthritis and pain is something that Dr. Jimmy sees quite often. What if vets could realistically be able to tell whether an animal is hurting or in pain, simply from tracking their sleeping patterns, position changes, heart or respiratory rates, and long before they show obvious difficulties with lameness, getting up off of the ground, or jumping onto the bed? Veterinarians like Dr. Jimmy might be able to get them the treatment they need sooner, give them relief and potentially extend their life by improving their quality of life.

Photo credit: Arlington Heights Animal Hospital Facebook page

Another example that Arlington Heights Animal Hospital sees every summer are cases involving heat stress, exhaustion, and heat stroke. Oftentimes treatment is unsuccessful by the time the pet reaches the hospital. Dr. Jimmy believes if pet parents and/or their vets could have the ability to be alerted when our fur baby’s body temperature is rising above a certain point, this could be lifesaving. This could allow pet owners to get them help sooner.

According to American Veterinary Medical Association, hundreds of pets die from heat exhaustion because they are left in parked vehicles. Cracking the window may not be enough on a hot summer day. The inside temperature of a car can reach 20º F higher than outside temperature in just 10 minutes. On a 80º F day, your pet could be stuck in a 120º F vehicle in 60 mins or less.

Dr. Jimmy believes there are potentially many other ways that vets and pet parents might be able to utilize ongoing vital signs and overall wellness monitoring that are yet to be determined. He believes that Waggit can give pet parents what they need to be in control of, understand their pets better, and build stronger bonds every day.

From a veterinarian point of view, Dr. Jimmy believes that Waggit needs to continue to prove that it can accurately assimilate data from an animal, and be able to involve the veterinarian in the processes that allows for faster diagnosis and treatment of disease. He does see Waggit’s potential being huge and disruptive, and is excited about the possibility to be able to make a huge impact on the lives of our fur babies. The possible use cases for Waggit are endless and veterinarians will be able to utilize it not only in the practical everyday life setting, but potentially in research of disease and treatment as well.