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Top Dog! Pets with Extreme Lifestyles

Ever since seeing the Air Bud movies, you’ve fantasized about what it would be like if your dog could dunk a basketball, score a goal, or excel at some cool sports. Well, some people and their furry best friends have turned a fiction movie into reality. Here are a few extreme pups, loving their sport and living the extreme lifestyle. Let this inspire you to get out there with your pup and try something new and fun together this summer! You never know, he/she just may have a special talent waiting to be discovered.


Hanzo the Surfing Dog

Hanzo’s breed may be a boxer, but when it comes to sports, he’s a boarder all the way. At eight weeks, his owner taught him how to skateboard. At eight months, he took him surfing for the first time, and the rest is history. Hanzo has been catching waves ever since, and nothing can keep him away from his board. He’s competed in a variety of Surf Dog competitions at beaches all over Southern California, and has been taking home the Surf City Surf Dog Competition and other awards since 2009. Hang Eight, Hanzo!


Biscuit the Rock Climbing Dog

Like many Jack Russell terriers, Biscuit loves running, jumping, and climbing. Unlike most Jack Russell terriers, she’s able to scale sheer rock faces. Her owner is into rock climbing, and decided to bring Biscuit along.

Turns out, not only does Biscuit love the rocks, she was built for them. Her paws provide her with a surprisingly good grip. This lets her fearlessly climb a lot of rocks that would give most humans pause. Even when the terrain poses a challenge, Biscuit refuses to give up, and her determination has led her to conquer mountains.


Halo the Pool Playing Dog

When videos of Halo first surfaced on YouTube, people thought it was too good to be true, and must be some sort of hoax. But Halo is the real deal. She can’t hold a cue, but she can still beat you at pool.

Carefully trained by her owner, the bulldog uses her front right paw to hit the cue ball, which sails across the table to sink her shot. She can even make bank shots, sending the ball ricocheting off the side of the table to put it in just the right position. She may not be able to discern the color of money, but she can still give Fast Eddie Felson a run for his.


Purin the Soccer Playing Dog

From Japan, Purin the beagle is a big soccer aficionado. Anyone can put a ball in a goal. But Purin has learned how to dribble it back and forth just like the pros. And not only can he shoot, Purin also makes a great goalkeeper, who can block others’ shots with ease. This world pup is ready for the World Cup.

These are just a few of the dogs out there who engage in extreme activities of all types. This just affirms our belief that each pooch is so very unique; and with the right training, they can be taught to do almost anything. What sports or other activities does your dog like to engage in?