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Making Great Memories with your Pooch with These Fun Ideas

September 9th is National Pet Memorial Day. This day is meant to remind us of the dogs we have lost, but we think it can be about much more. At Waggit, we are choosing to not only remember those pooches who we’ve shared our lives with, but also the fur babies who are still with us and continue giving us their unconditional love every day. Here are a few of our favorite ways to make lasting memories with our fur babies and show love and appreciation back.

Bring Joy to Others

Becoming a therapy dog team is a great way to not only get to know your dog better through training but also to share the unconditional love that only a dog can give. Be sure to keep a journal of the people, stories, and memories you and your dog create together while improving other’s quality of life.

Obedience training

Another great way to get to know your dog better is with obedience training. Not to mention that your fido and you can benefit from this in your daily lives as well. The time you spend together teaching, learning, and practicing is where many great memories are created. Both you and your dog will experience a deeper bond and better communication.

Try Your Hand / Paw at Painting

Do you enjoy art? Get some pet-safe paint and let your pooch create your next masterpiece with you. As a symbol of your relationship, you can sign your work with a name and your dog’s paw-print. You never know, you may have the next doggie artist right there with you, like Jumpy the Painting Dog here.

Make “Pawttory” Together

If you want more artsy ideas, learning to make pottery with your dog could be a lot of fun not to mention practical. How about a custom doggie food bowl with your dog’s paw print on it, like this one?!


Have a Photo Shoot Session, or a few

Taking professional pictures with your dog gives you a keepsake that will last a lifetime. The pictures can be as formal or casual as you like. Let them match your dog’s personality. If you’d rather take the photos yourself, there are many ways to get creative, such as taking time lapse photos or one photo a day - something that you can edit and stitch together later to show how your fur baby has grown and their life journey.

Make a Memory Book

There are many milestones in your dog’s life. A memory book is a great way to record these events. Try including important milestones such as the first time your brought him or her home, their first vet visit, first time swimming or feeling the snow, their first trip with you, and of course, his or her first birthday and cake-eating!


Get Digital and Make the Memories Last

With the help of smartphones and social media, you can now create a Pinterest board for your beloved fur baby, start an Instagram account or a YouTube channel to bring his/her story to life. Whether you share them with your closest families and friends or millions of people around the world, seeking out fun things to do and creating digital memories together is a fun and fulfilling way to bond with your pooch.


Did we get your brain churning on ideas? We hope so! There’s no need to wait till our dogs are not with us to remember them. Get out there today and start making some memories for both you and your fur baby while having loads of fun doing it!