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10 Things That Will Make You the Best Pet Parent (According to Your Dog)

Our fur babies bring a lot of unconditional love and joy to our lives. With the correct planning, training, attention, and proper care, these furry friends can be the best companion for years to come. Here are ten things that can help prolong your furry best friend’s life and help create a strong bond whether you are a first-time pet parent or an experienced one.

 Schedule a Routine Pet Check-Up

If you suspect something is amiss your furry friend; for instance, he's lethargic, not eating, having a fever or is restless, take him for a check-up by a professional. Even your canine is not sick, a full check-up at least once a year is essential for a long and happy life.

Learn to Perform a Dog CPR

While it’s important to speak to a vet since they’re the experts at what they do, some circumstances just can’t wait. To be fully prepared, you may want to learn to perform CPR on your pet for when it’s necessary. Similar to human CPR, this procedure involves chest compression and optional artificial respiration.

There are many videos that can show you when and how to do it but if you want to gain comprehensive knowledge and if you are a hands-on learner, organizations such as Pet Tech offers classes in many cities across the U.S.

"Man Saves Drowning Puppy with CPR"


Diet is Important

A complete and balanced diet is crucial to keep your pet healthy and make him always happy. Speak to your vet about the nutritional needs of your dog because they depend on your pet’s life stage and his/her current health condition.

Buy a Toy that Promotes Health

You can cure canine’s boredom with some toy when away or busy. With today’s technology advancements, the pet toy industry is growing fast. Ball throwing machines, interactive lasers, and mini robots are changing the way we interact with our dogs and ways we get our fur babies to stay active.

Wash their Water & Food Bowls

Just as we wash our dishes regularly, if our pets’ bowls are not washed routinely, dirt, grime and germ can accumulate in their feeding items and get our fur babies sick. Washing daily is ideal and avoid using scrubber as to prevent scratching the surface. For sanitation, you can soak the bowl in a vinegar and warm water solution, or a bleach and cold water and cold water solution. Then rinse with clean water and dry.

Choose a Comfortable Dog Bed

Humans spend about a third of lives sleeping and many of us are willing to invest in a good bed for a good night’s sleep and for other health reasons. Our fur babies actually sleep more than we do; about 12-14 hours a day - that’s up to half of their lives. Your pet would love having a bed that feels comfortable to him or her.

There are a lot of options on the market; from mats, hammock-type beds, loose-fill beds, egg-crate or memory foam beds, to mattress beds. Do your research but ultimately you will get an idea of what will suit your pooch best by evaluating his size, age and habits. Any bed you choose, keeping it clean by washing regularly is the best way to keep your fur baby comfortable and healthy while they sleep. 

Equip Your Dog with a Microchip or a Tracker

A 2012 survey conducted by APCA reveals that one out of six pets are lost within a 5-year duration with a particular owner. Fortunately, you can reduce the risk and the trouble by purchasing an ID collar for him. Even better, speak to your vet about a microchip so you can track his movements.

Create Time for Your Dog to Socialize

Just like humans, dogs love spending time with their fellow dogs. It’s the best way to practice the crucial learned life skills and even acquire new positive behaviors from other dogs. Besides, as a pet parent, you get to share your tips and learn what others do to keep their pooch happy and healthy.

Start Training Him/Her Early & Regularly

For a wonderful relationship with your canine, start teaching him/her good manners early. Since the skills are not acquired overnight, make sure your lessons are consistent and regular. According to the Great Plains SPCA, training your best friend has many benefits; among which is that a trained dog is 6 times less likely to be surrendered or returned to a shelter.

Exercise & Walk Him Often

For proper physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of your furry best friend, be sure to walk him regularly. Exercise will kill the boredom and combat weird behaviors that stem from being locked alone for a long time, not to mention an array of health benefits to help prolong the time you have with them. To make your walks more exciting, check out these great tips.

Give yourself a pat on the back if you are already doing some or all of these things, responsible pet owners. It doesn’t have to be hard to be the best pet parent for your fur baby. It just takes having the right knowledge and applying the right actions, with some consistency and persistency, and a whole lot of love! Most of all, listen to your vet and trust your intuition because you know your dog the best.