A health and safety monitor... for the love of dogs.

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"I absolutely love my Waggit. We lost our previous dog to Cancer at 6yrs old and so I have gone a bit overboard watching Whiskey’s every move to see if he is ok. The Waggit is a great tool to alert me to changes so I can relax.”

— Mark F

"I wish I would have had something like this to help track progress of all my service dogs when I worked with the Sheriff's K9 Training department"

— Tony C

“For many conditions, early intervention can mean the difference between living and dying. Waggit is providing early signs that something could be wrong which could help save many dogs’ lives.”

— Dr Brian

"Super cool to see how fast and far Maggie goes on our Mountain Bike rides. Even better that I am alerted to changes in her vitals, body positions, and sleep so I know she is feeling well.”

— Dan H

"It’s been fantastic — I’ve already recommended this to several friends – three of them plan to buy one for their dogs! It’ll be great to compete with them!"

— Joanne R

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